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Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation

New review article on conservation agriculture systems now published in CAB Reviews and available as open-source pdf document

A recently-published article on conservation agriculture systems is now available as an open-source pdf document as part of the online series, CAB Reviews, using the link here.  The article is authored by Don Reicosky, Dwayne Beck, Eric Kueneman, Judee Fisher and Jeff Mitchell.  It is 25 pages long and has 191 citations.  The review summarizes the history of how agricultural systems have come to be what they are today and identifies ways in which these systems will need to be improved to meet future food security challenges.  It describes the development of food production system options that have been proposed in recent decades and shows that the core principles and concepts of what are widely regarded as conservation agriculture systems provide an important unifying framework.  Evidence is provided for why these systems, when flexibly applied and in ways that mimic natural ecosystems, provide a best-bet approach for moving forward.  It highlights a series of examples of conservation agriculture systems being applied around the world and concludes by issuing a call to action aimed at developing and more widely adopting food production systems that look long-term, mimic natural systems, and transcend jargon.

Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 8:43 AM

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