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Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation

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The video above is the first episode of a six-part documentary series from Conservation Agriculture Cropping Systems Innovation (CASI). In the videos, farmers, UC researchers and industry leaders explain how no-till and minimum-till agriculture, and overhead precision irrigation, can lead to higher irrigation efficiency, increased profitability and greater resource conservation. Find links to all segments at the table of contents.

Conservation agriculture news

CASI's John Diener of Five Points to be featured in CASI's John Diener of Five Points to be featured in
Posted 8/30/2018 - August 29, 2018  John Diener of Red Rock Ranch in Five Points, CA was extensively interviewed at his farm on August 29th by a video group from Cool Planet and the Future of Agriculture Podcast about his long-term soil care practices and...

Figure 1. CASI Workgroup members hosting Francis Akolbila of Ghana’s Center for No-till Agriculture in El Ranchero Café in Five Points, CA  (left to right, Sara Rosenberg (Singing Frogs Farms, Sebastopol, CA), Francis Akolbila, Rob Roy, Derek Riley (Ag Engineering intern from Fresno State working with Rob and Brook in the NRCS Fresno Area Office), Dan Munk and Brook Gale CASI hosts no-till pioneer, Francis Akolbila, of Ghana's Center for No-till Agriculture!
Posted 8/30/2018 - August 30, 2018 CASI hosts no-till pioneer, Francis Akolbila, of Ghana's Center for No-till Agriculture! August 27 – 28, 2018   A number of CASI Workgoup members graciously hosted a true pioneer in no-tillage conservation agriculture...

Conservation Agriculture Update - Global Spread of Cons. Ag. in 2018
Posted 8/17/2018 - This link below will open the on-line published article entitled "Global spread of Conservation Agriculture" authored by A. Kassam, T. Friedrich and R. Derpsch.

. Managing Soil Health for Sustainable Agriculture
Posted 8/13/2018 - Managing Soil Health for Sustainable Agriculture “Managing soil health for sustainable agriculture covers virtually the entire range of soil health topics. Dr Don Reicosky, himself an internationally distinguished soil scientist, has assembled an...

Kelly O’Neill (left), Patrick O’Neill (center) and Jeff Mitchell (right) visiting the CASI NRI Project field in Five Points, CA on August 13, 2018 Colorado soil health expert visits CASI's NRI field in Five Points!
Posted 8/13/2018 - August 13, 2018 Patrick O'Neill, certified crop and soil health advisor in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, took time from his busy travel schedule in California to stop by the NRI Project study field and talk with Jeff Mitchell on August 13th...

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Conservation agriculture at work

No-till cotton growing in wheat stubble.

Conservation tillage innovators

Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser - 2017

Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser - 2017

Kaisers of Singing Frogs Farm in Sebastopol, CA recognized as CASI 2017 Farmer Innovators!

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