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Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation

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The video above is the first episode of a six-part documentary series from Conservation Agriculture Cropping Systems Innovation (CASI). In the videos, farmers, UC researchers and industry leaders explain how no-till and minimum-till agriculture, and overhead precision irrigation, can lead to higher irrigation efficiency, increased profitability and greater resource conservation. Find links to all segments at the table of contents.

Conservation agriculture news

Sano Farms Farm Visit Video Now Available on You Tube and at the CASI Website
Posted 7/11/2016 - A short video summarizing some of the information that was provided at the June 24th farm visit to Sano Farms in Firebaugh, CA is now available at You Tube ( or at our CASI website...

Tom Willey's Radio Interview with CalCAN's Renata Brillinger and CASI's Jeff Mitchell
Posted 7/5/2016 - Tom Willey's "Down on the Farm" 88.1 FM KFCF Radio Interview with CalCAN's Renata Brillinger and CASI's Jeff Mitchell on California's GHG emissions offset programs and the California farm demonstration network   An audio archive of the KFCF 88.1...

Meeting with Doug Karlen CASI / UCCE / NRCS discuss California farm demo network with Doug Karlen
Posted 7/5/2016 - Eight folks from NRCS, UCCE, and the CASI Workgroup met with Dr. Doug Karlen of the USDA ARS National Lab for Agriculture and the Environment in Ames, IA on July 1st on the UC Davis campus to discuss the California farm demonstration network and to get...

UC Berkeley students sample soil microbiome in NRI field UC Berkeley students sample soil microbiome in NRI field – June 29, 2016!
Posted 6/29/2016 - Three students, - led by Heidi Wipf, a graduate student working with a team of UC Berkeley researchers including Devin Coleman-Derr, Peggy Lemaux, and John Taylor, - endured the high temperatures of Five Points these past couple of days and completed an...

California Farm Demonstration Network. Sano Farms, June 23, 2016. Sano Farms farm visit June 24, 2016
Posted 6/27/2016 - The last in a series of five farm visits highlighting soil health goals and the variety of ways in which these goals are being realized at farms throughout the Central Valley took place at Sano Farms in Firebaugh, CA on Friday, June 24th with about forty...

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Conservation agriculture at work

One of the several center pivot irrigation systems in operation at Farming 'D' in Five Points, Calif.

Conservation tillage innovators

Ralph Cesena, Sr. - 2013

Ralph Cesena, Sr. - 2013

The 2013 CT Industry Award recipient is Ralph Cesena, Sr., president of Cesena Distributing of Stockton, Calif.

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