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Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation

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The video above is the first episode of a six-part documentary series from Conservation Agriculture Cropping Systems Innovation (CASI). In the videos, farmers, UC researchers and industry leaders explain how no-till and minimum-till agriculture, and overhead precision irrigation, can lead to higher irrigation efficiency, increased profitability and greater resource conservation. Find links to all segments at the table of contents.

Conservation agriculture news

18th annual winter conference of No-Till on the Plains in Salina, Kan. CASI participation in national conferences in 2014
Posted 3/17/2014 - Members of Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation center participated in four national conferences in January and February, 2014. Following are summaries of the events and take-home messages most relevant to improving California farming...

No-till cover crop seeding into cotton and tomato residues. Additional 'ecosystem services' can be found on no-till tomato and cotton farms
Posted 1/16/2014 - UC research has shown that conservation agriculture practices – such as cover cropping and no tillage – are generating additional "ecosystem services" in West Side cotton and tomato production. "Attributing ecosystem services to farming is...

'Biotic farming' considers all living things, not just the crop being grown. Soil health experts to speak to California farmers Dec. 10 and 11
Posted 11/26/2013 - Update: View a video of the two-hour program online. Innovative soil enhancement practices are being researched and implemented around the world, but haven’t caught on yet in most of California. Free workshops at UC Davis and Five Points will...

A new center pivot irrigation system at the UC West Side Research and Extension Center was introduced to participants in the twilight field day and farm tour in September. Mounting pressures on agriculture drive interest in conservation
Posted 9/23/2013 - Diminishing water supplies, farm labor shortages, environmental impacts and shrinking agricultural profits are prompting more California farmers to seriously consider adopting conservation practices in their annual row crop production systems. Extensive...

University of Nebraska's Suat Irmak, facing camera, explains how a high-technology weather station in Nebraska continuously monitors crop evapotraspiration and crop coefficients during the growing season. Irmak presents the keynote address to California farmers Sept. 12. Annual sustainable agriculture event expanded to include farm tours
Posted 8/14/2013 - Sustainable agricultural systems involving precision irrigation and conservation tillage will be featured at the University of California Cooperative Extension’s annual “Twilight Field Day” and a new farm tour, together running from 1...

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Conservation agriculture at work

Experimental field in which conservation tillage with and without cover crops are being compared to standard tillage systems.

Conservation tillage innovators

Ralph Cesena, Sr. - 2013

Ralph Cesena, Sr. - 2013

The 2013 CT Industry Award recipient is Ralph Cesena, Sr., president of Cesena Distributing of Stockton, Calif.

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