Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation
University of California
Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation

CASI documentary

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Aug. 6
Introduction to Conservation Agriculture Cropping Systems 7:12
The first video in the documentary series defines conservation agriculture and outlines its increasing credibility in the global context.

Part 2 - Aug. 13
The Value of Residues in Conservation Agriculture Systems
California farmers have tended to adopt “clean cultivation” systems, but research has shown that maintenance of residues from the previous crop or a winter cover crop helps improve soil and reduces evaporation from the surface.

Part 3 - Aug. 20
Conservation Agriculture in Tomato Production Systems
These systems cut production costs, reduce dust emissions and store more carbon in the soil.

Part 4 - Aug. 27
Conservation agriculture in dairy silage production systems
Three dairy farmers committed to conservation agriculture systems in their silage production share their secrets and success.


Part 5 - Sept. 3
Minimum tillage systems
This video features examples of a number of reduced pass or ‘pass combining’ tillage systems that have been developed during the past decade.

Part 6 - Sept. 10
Merging conservation tillage with overhead irrigation
Overhead irrigation systems, such as center pivots, are particularly useful when coupled with conservation tillage.
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