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June 17, 2017 - Quiz #96

Unfortunately, we had no winners for CT Crop Quiz # 96. This one might have been a more challenging quiz due to the image that was circulated and it no doubt frustrated many folks who routinely participate in our quiz series. Here are the answers for CT Crop Quiz #96.


Quiz 96 pic1
What form of CT is shown in the attached photo?

This was an example of no-till planting.


What is the CT-planted crop shown in this photo?

Garbanzo (Cicer arietinum)


Quiz 96 pic2
What were the reasons for planting this CT crop?

To evaluate opportunities for saving money, sustaining reduced disturbance, high residue production options in California's San Joaquin Valley, to diversify crop entries in the long-term NRI Project in Five Points, CA


Name the nearest US town to where this CT crop photo was taken.

Five Points, CA 93624


What was special about the planter that was used for this CT crop?

This planter that was used was an 8-row no-till John Deere planter that was specially equipped with a number of important features including the Delta Force down force after-market modifications available through Precision Planting ( The planter was loaned to our NRI Project research team by California Ag Solutions of Madera, CA. Matt Rossow, Cary Crum, and Silas Rossow of CAS helped us on the planting day with adjustments and settings. This was the third year in a row that no-till garbanzos had been planted and was a particularly challenging operation due to the high level of residues that needed to be negotiated from last year's grain sorghum crop.


The NRI Project 2017 garbanzo and sorghum field was showcased in our recent soil management training event that was held on June 6th at the site.

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