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First-ever pivot-irrigated processing tomatoes near Walnut Grove!

June 25, 2015

Michael Boparai, a farmer who recently bought two center pivot irrigation systems and installed them on his farmland near the Delta area town of Walnut Grove, invited a diverse group of private sector and UC Cooperative Extension supporters to the field where he's growing processing tomatoes on June 25th 2015.  The group included Dan Schueler, Senninger Irrigation Company, Rick Hanshew, Reinke Mfg., a pivot company, Brenna Aegerter, Michelle Leinfelder-Miles, Gene Miyao, and Jeff Mitchell, - all of UC Cooperative Extension, along with host, Boparai.  They discussed opportunities for managing the tomato crop as well as things to try to avoid during the upcoming season.  A follow-up article describing applications of overhead irrigation systems for several crops of the Central Valley may be found at A short video of the team meeting at Boparai's farm is available at You Tube at

Field meeting at Boparai overhead irrigation tomato field, Walnut Grove, CA June 25, 2015


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