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August 27, 2017 - Quiz #97

Again, unfortunately no winners for CT Crop Quiz #97. Answers are below.


From June 17, 2017


On the heels of last month's admittedly tough CT Crop Quiz #96, here you go with yet another installment in our series of conservation agriculture challenges. As always, be the first to answer the following questions correctly and you'll receive our Workgroup's legendary $100 cash award at an upcoming CASI event.


Quiz 97 pic
What form of CT is shown in the attached photo?

no-tillage cotton seeding


What is the CT-planted crop shown in this photo?



What were the reasons for planting this CT crop in this manner and context?

to double crop following wheat, increase crop income


Name the nearest US town to where this CT crop photo was taken.

Goodyear, AZ


For about how long have the CT planting seeding techniques that are shown in the quiz photo been used at this planting site?

twenty years


A You tube video on this CT planting field is available at

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