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Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation

CASI’s Hosting of Brazilian Conservation Agriculture Researcher and Presentation by Angus Wright

February 22, 2018 

Roberto Botelho (left), Brazilian conservation agriculture researcher from Sao Paolo state and Angus Wright, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Studies at California State University, Sacramento at seminar presentation of Wright at Fresno City College, February 22, 2018
The CASI Center has had the honor of hosting Brazilian conservation agriculture researcher from Sao Paolo state, Roberto Botelho, during February 2018 and one of the highlights of the visit was a meeting with Dr. Angus Wright, distinguished historian and scholar at California State University, Sacramento, where he and Wes Jackson (now of the Land Institute in Salina, KS) created the Environmental Studies Department which was the first of its kind in the US.  Dr. Wright spoke to a large audience on “Food, Forests, and Education” and provided very inspiring encouragement to folks on the importance of ‘loving life' and taking on challenges with open, prepared, and flexible minds.  He wove several stories of people he has known who themselves were open to meeting new and unexpected challenges and encouraged the young people who were in the audience to think broadly and creatively about their education and the work that they will contribute.  He has done extensive work in Brazil and was able to speak with Botelho about it.


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