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CASI Hosts California Ag Solutions at longstanding NRI Project field June 27, 2017

NRI field project
Eight members of California Ag Solutions of Madera, CA were hosted at the longstanding NRI Project field in Five Points on Tuesday, June 27th by Jeff Mitchell.

The group was keen to see how the garbanzo planting that they had helped with had turned out and also how the 2017 no-till sorghum is performing.  Monte Bottens, Matt and Silas Rossow, and Cary Crum of CAS took part along with three other members of the Madera headquarters crew.  The tour visit allowed everyone to view the rather dramatic and surprising growth of the no-till sorghum which seemed to be taller and more vigorous than this year's standard tillage systems. 

In addition, the group also visited this year's trial of no-till cotton that was established in standing rye cover crop using row unit-mounted DAWN ZRX's.  These implements roll standing cover crops and allow seeding all in the same operation.

Now is a very good time to visit the NRI Project field as there is much to see related to the performance of the no-till crops this season.




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